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New Little Square Pastels


IMAGE: Boat and Moon, pastel, © Victoria Taylor-Gore, 2007

These new pastels are inspired by my new website design. When I made a new thumbnail gallery for my pastels, I cropped little square details of my pastels for the thumbnails, and I loved the little square cropped pieces. I decided to do some new square pastels…nice change for me, and even though they are small (around 6 1/2 inches square), they are more expansive than small rectangular compositions. “Boat and Moon” focuses on the symbol of the boat on dry land…the meaning of that is up to you to decide!



IMAGE: Gold Light, pastel, © Victoria Taylor-Gore, 2007

“Gold Light” casts a warm light from the house that is reflected outside as well…so the two lights, inside and utside, are unified both by color and their implied meaning.



IMAGE: Bright House, pastel, © Victoria Taylor-Gore, 2007

“Bright House” seems brighter because of the dark cool blue wall inside, and also because of the darkened wall and stairway with the dark violet shadow across from them. The landscape beyond is condensed and intensified by the small opening between the buildings.



IMAGE:  Dark House, pastel, © Victoria Taylor-Gore, 2007

“Dark House” radiates both cool and warm lights from its interior, and picks up the intense warm and cool contrasts of twilight. The house is simple and straight in its stark geometry, which contrasts to the soft round forms of the landscape beyond.



IMAGE: Twilight Temple, pastel, © Victoria Taylor-Gore, 2007

“Twilight Temple” seems to be made up of the warm earth colors of the land. It’s form suggests a temple, or a sacred space, without being specific, so there is room for all! I love twilight because it represents the space between two worlds – the day (or our conscious life) and the night (our dreams).


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