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“Pastoral” by Victoria Taylor-Gore

Photography and Editing by Victoria Taylor-Gore. Music – Cinematic Eerie by Relevance (music license from shockwave-sound.com)

This video is for a video installation/projection for a show at Process Art House in Amarillo, Texas, “The Art of the New West”.  The upcoming show is presented by Process Art House and West Texas A & M University, .  This video is not intended to be a story but rather a series of related symbolic images for the show.  I am also doing a series of digital photo/collages along with the images in this video.

Jon Revett and Amy Von Lintel describe the “Art of the New West” show as: The “Art of the New West” is the presentation of a traditional idea in a contemporary context. Western art has many meanings. In one sense, it describes European and American art as opposed to art from other global regions. But in the American context, the notions of western art also point to ideas of manifest destiny and the westward expansion of the United States. It describes the proverbial “Old West” with its quintessential cowboys, Indians, and harsh landscapes. These ideas of the west and western-ness continue to press upon artists living and working in our area, as they explore themes of space and place, time and distance, borders and gateways, networks and resources, fantasies and failures. This show seeks to capture the west as both traditional and progressive, as both past and present.

My take on the theme of this show is to combine my ongoing theme of using miniature sets and characters and create pastoral landscapes with a mystic twist.  The images of start/planet charts are from a book of astronomy published in the 1850’s.   Accidental and intentional symbols abound in the play of opposites…light vs. dark, earth vs. the heavens, sun vs. moon, above vs. below, west vs. east, etc, as well as the cow as a feminine nurturing symbol of the earth itself.

The layering of my miniature landscape sets and the astronomy images was done with blending modes and other effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.  Shot with a Canon 60D and a Tokina 100mm macro f2.8

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